Why Live Clean


Why Live Clean?

Life should be lived with passion and energy.  Each day is a treasure and once it passes it’s gone forever.  I want to enjoy my life!  I want to feel vibrant and alive! When I take care of my body, when I give it the appropriate fuel it needs to function properly, I am able to live my best life!  


I will be the first to admit living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy or fun.  Life should be exciting and full of adventure.  I want to eat french fries and chocolate ice cream as much as the next person.  About eight years ago I was blindsided when I was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma or cancer of the bone in my humerus bone while I was pregnant with my third baby.  When I would share my diagnoses with people they would ask if the cancer came from the deodorant I use.  At the time this was honestly my last concern, and the thought of switching all my products to safe products discouraged me.


The human body is an amazing, beautiful machine.  It requires fuel to perform properly.  A grumpy preschooler can figure this out.  You cannot feed your body synthetic, artificial garbage and expect it to perform at maximum capacity.  Nothing works that way.  Imagine your body is your car, or your business, or your relationships would you put artificial garbage or synthetic material in any of those?  You get back what you put in.  Everything that we put into our bodies, onto our skin, and breath in from our environment will contribute to our overall health.  A perfect example of this is the pollution we breathe.  If you have ever been advised by your local news station to remain indoors on smoggy days this makes sense.  It will either drive our body towards greater health and strength or toward sickness and weakness.  That’s why the choices we make for our bodies and our families are so important.


I know this can be overwhelming, my goal is not to have you throw every single last item away in your home that is not “safe” but to help you start somewhere and take a step today that will make the next step tomorrow smoother.  I do not live a 100%  “safe” life, but I do my best with what I can.  I want to simplify all the information out there and show you some simple ways that you can improve your health.