What IF…



What if when someone told us something they were struggling with instead of us judging or pulling away because we are uncomfortable or unsure what to say we find a way to treat that person the same way we always have and remember that inside them is the same person they have always been and that person is dying to be re-discovered and flourish. Amidst our trials and things that are tearing us apart what do you want most? You want to be able to crawl out and conquer the trial, the trial that you are so firmly grasping onto the edge of the cliff hanging on for dear life, waiting for it to pass. What if the way you treat someone is what could make the difference from them letting go of their grasp or kicking their leg up over the ledge to climb out. What if we find it in ourselves to be the good, to help someone find themselves again… find the person we saw before?  So, How can we do that?

3 simple ways:

1.  Listen without judgment.

2.  Treat the person the same way before you knew what was going on. Reach down deep inside and climb out of your comfort shell and step into the uncomfortable zone that you are creating and act the same.  You’ll be surprised at what will come back your way for this support.

3.  Love them with service and kindness.  Don’t ask them what you can do for them, JUST DO something!


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