Party Season Manners








We spent Thanksgiving with family at their home. They made a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, yams, cranberries, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake and of course pumpkin pie. They spent majority of the day preparing and cooking the least I could do is help clean up, especially if I would like to be invited back. In a world where cell phones and internet abound manners have dwindled. Please do not forget your manners! I mean come on who doesn’t love a clean cut Britain with an accent and manners?

Here are a few tips for good holiday manners:

• When someone invites you to dinner offer to bring an item to share. If they decline accept graciously but offer again the next time they invite you.

• Offer to arrive early to help prepare the meal. But do NOT just show up early. This may throw some people a curve ball.

• Help set the table the way the host would like.

• Insist on how delicious everything is!

• Clear your own plate once you are finished eating.

• Clear your Neighbors plate once they are finished.

• Basically keep clearing the table until it has been wiped and ready for use again.

• Help store any leftovers in appropriate containers.

• Help do the dishes.

• Help wipe appliances down.

• Offer to sweep or vacuum the debris from the eating area.

• Insist that the host remain seated while you clean up.

NEVER criticize the cooking or the cleanliness of the home.

And ALWAYS say Thank You!



This is Bekette helping Colton do his hair for Thanksgiving.  SO cute!

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