Eating Healthy When Life is Busy




I waved to my friend as I was stopped at the stop light stuffing my face with hard boiled eggs.  I was so embarrassed.  The embarrassment quickly left my body as I reminded myself that we are all busy, especially us moms.  I was just proud that I was actually eating something healthy and didn’t grab a cookie or a brownie made the night before for lunch.


That morning while I was picking up my house I quickly boiled four eggs.  It worked out perfect, I need to do it more often.  I cut them up and added salt and pepper.  I ate 2 for lunch today and I will eat 2 for lunch tomorrow.  To keep the eggs from stinking the fridge up I  put them in a sealed container.  To be honest, I made a conscious effort to eat healthy today because last night I ate this…



Cleaning Mirrors



Let’s just put this out there… I DO NOT know how to clean mirrors.  For some reason whenever I clean a mirror it turns out streaky and cloudy.  What is up with that?  I have taken pride in perfecting the art of cleaning, but I could never figure out mirrors.  I had given up and decided my husband and my children would forever clean our mirrors.  This didn’t go over well with them, but more importantly it didn’t go over well with me.

Our mirrors were not getting cleaned as frequently as I wanted.  After a lot of trial and error with all sorts of different products I found a quick and easy no fail way of cleaning mirrors.  You just need three items:

1.   2 microfiber clothes 

2.  Water

Get one of the microfiber clothes wet.  Take the wet microfiber cloth and clean the mirror from side to side making sure to clean all fingerprints as needed.  Next, dry off the mirror with the dry second microfiber cloth in the same side to side motion.  Quick, easy and painless.  It works great on windows also!









We are all unique and special, everyone in this world has a talent to share.  Everyone is passionate about something different.  A couple months ago I woke up one morning and asked myself what talents do I have to share?  What am I passionate about?  I started racking my brain searching every corner for options trying to find the ideal fit for me and my family.

I have always been an overachiever and a hard worker when it came to keeping things beautiful.  Something about it just comes naturally to me.  I always find myself at peace while cleaning.  I can see things that other people miss.  Frankly, this is not something I am proud of or ever wanted to do “continuing education” on.

I LOVE all things Clean, Healthy and Beautiful.

My website will focus on these three topics in all aspects of life.  When clean and healthy coincide beauty comes naturally.  I am beyond excited to create the things I wish existed.

*picture credit instagram account @theoldtry