10 Ways to Workout on a Busy Schedule



Let’s face it, there aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes. Work, family, running errands, more work, there is just too much going on, so how on earth are we supposed to fit a workout routine into our schedule?

It isn’t easy, but it’s doable. There are literally thousands of blogs from stay-at-home moms, marketing gurus, or travel enthusiasts who talk about fitting a workout into a busy schedule. So where do you start?

Shoot for the morning

Gyms Close to Home or Work

Find a Buddy

Get Competition Ready

Be a Weekend Warrior

Workouts for You

Schedule your workout

Share Your Goals

Make Any Space a Home Gym

Meal Planning and Tracking Calories

Most importantly a WORKOUT SHOULD BE FUN!  If you are dreading your workout mix it up and try something new.  There are hundreds of different options.

*Remember to consult your physician before starting any new workout program.

Be Creative With Storage





If you live in Las Vegas like I do you’ll easily be able to relate to this. Homes in Las Vegas have limited storage. Some people have been forced to choose between a garage space for their car or a place to store important items. Being creative on how to store important items is helpful when you do not have a basement to store everything your heart desires.

My home has a nice ledge in my stairway. It is a great place to set out beautiful items for decoration. I found these cute storage boxes at The Container Store that offered a solution for storag and decoration.

I bought 4, 1 for each of my children. Inside the storage containers I save my kids important school work. The boxes have dividers for each grade. Each day when my kids arrive home from school I sort the important papers into one pile, place the ones I need to remember on our bullletin board and throw the others away. The important ones are immediately placed in the appropriate file location on my stairs so they don’t get lost or create clutter.

Halloween Party Easy Set Up


I LOVE a good party, but I hate the clean up.  I would throw a party every week if someone else would clean up.  Here are a few tips for making your party clean up easier:

  • Makes things simple:  While everyone loves a beautiful party with lots of decorations most guests come to the party for good company.  So, don’t go overboard on decorations and spend loads of time and money.  A few simple beautiful items will be enough.
  • Paper Goods can be beautiful:  It is amazing what paper plates and paper silverware look like nowadays.  You can find beautiful paper plates anywhere!  This makes the clean up simple as pie!
  • Accept help when offered:   Most people will offer help at the end of the party to clean up or you might be lucky enough to have someone offer to bring a food to share.  Don’t be embarrassed to accept.  The more hands involved the quicker the process.
  • Prepare the food in advance:  When making your food selections for the party choose items that can easily be made in advance.  Store them in the fridge until an hour before the party and then warm them if necessary.
  • Get yourself ready at the beginning of the day of the party:  This last one might only be my problem!  But I always choose to run around the day of the party accomplishing everything I need to and the day is gone before I realize it and I haven’t showered or gotten dressed and my guests are about to arrive.


Is That My Neighbors House? #2







I would like to share my mother’s home in Las Vegas. Growing up I moved about every 2 years. My mother always found a way to buy brand new furniture for each home we lived in. Every home was tastefully decorated always keeping me on my toes what she was going to do next. She has impeccable taste and an eye for what piece should go where and knowing exactly what she needs to purchase.  I had the privilege of assisting her in decorating this home.  I love the way it turned out!  I hope you enjoy her home as much as I do!


Ideas for Eating Out Healthy



Order water with every meal. Get dressings on the side, and always try to get the lowest fat dressing and use only 1 tbsp. No carbs, breads, chips, croutons.

** Baked Chicken sandwich, throw out bun, get a green side salad with it.
**I cannot find any other fish or chicken that is not fried. The salads are great but they have too many carbs.

In & out
**Get a double double “Protein style” or get 2 hamburgers “Protein style”

**Any of the salads, Dressing on the side

**Roast Turkey Farmhouse salad (add extra protein)
** Chopped salad, you will need some protein with it, you could order Angus steak sandwich and throw out the bun and put that meat on top.

Taco Bell
** Ground beef taco, buy two, throw out the shell and keep everything else. Eat it like a salad.

Habit Burger
**It looks like you can have any of the burgers or sandwiches just NO bread, and NO fried.
** Salads all look great too! You may need to add extra protein to some salads. Order Extra protein.

Noodle & Company
**Chineese Chicken Chop salad
**The med Salad Chicken

Red Robin
**Grilled Turkey, throw out the bun, add some extra greens
**The Garden Burger, throw out the bun, add some extra greens
** Chicken Fajita, no tortilla

**Voodo Salad
**Jamaican salad
**Salmon & Maui mango dressing should be okay
**Chicken or Bugeres (no buns and EASY on the sauces…these guys love to put their fatty sauces on everything)

**Salad with fajita veggies with steak and grilled chicken (double meat) and l use about 5 drops of their vinaigrette

Cafe Rio .. ( costa Vida is very similar, try to order just like you would at cafe rio)
**Salmon salad. No tortilla, no chips. Extra Pico extra cilantro a small cup of their creamy dressing.
** Chicken salad, no tortilla, no chips add pico, add guac

Out back
** 6 oz Steak, steamed veggies, salad
** Salmon, steamed veggies, salad

Ruby River
**Filet, broccoli and salad

**Napa chicken and portobellos ordered with no potatoes and extra broccoli plus a side salad with vinaigrette on the side.

Pizza factory
**Zucchini and squash noodles, chicken and marinara sauce.

**chopped salad
**Side of Tuna, ask for Veggies

El Pollo Loco
**A combo with chicken breast, side salad and broccoli

Chick fil
**Salad with grilled chicken
**2 Side Salads with baked chicken nuggets

Always Remove Makeup Before Bed at Night




Halloween is upon us and so is wearing extra makeup. Always remove your makeup before going to bed at night.  The chemicals in your makeup are bad for your skin and can increase the signs of aging.  Here is a quick nightly routine:  *follow this link for a $10 off coupon for all of my favorite products below https://www.modere.com/Home/Welcome/?referralCode=469409

STEP 1: Remove Makeup from Eyes using gentle, fragrance-free Eye Makeup Remover.

STEP 2: Wash Face using Cleanser Combination Skin to minimize irritation.

STEP 3: Apply Toner with  Toner Dry Skin to soothe sensitive skin.

STEP 4: Apply Eye Gel with the Antioxidant Gel. This is super important, guys! It will help reduce any visual aftermath around your eyes from the harsh chemicals found in makeups.

STEP 5: Apply Lotion with Skin Veil to moisturize skin without suffocating it.

Extra Steps One Night a Week: Exfoliate with our amazing Exfoliant (it’s formulated with environmentally-friendly, biodegradable jojoba beads).






Is That My Neighbors House?









I am really excited to introduce, Is That My Neighbors House?

I have never walked into a friends home and thought, this is hideous!  What were they thinking?  Almost always I walk in and think, this is gorgeous.  They are so talented.  Their home represents their personality and the joys of their own family!  I follow so many beautiful instagram feeds of talented designer and it seems like they are all starting to look the same.

Every Friday I will be posting pictures of my family, friends and neighbors homes.  Most of which they decorated themselves.

I will showcase a room or two in the home.  This is going to be fun! I am so excited

to share the beauty and diversity that surrounds all of us.  Please email me if you are interested in your home being featured mandi@cleanhealthybeautiful.com

It seems fitting to start with my home.  We are currently renting so my home is not a true representation of my taste, but I love my home and my neighborhood so I have made the best out of our circumstances.  My home is a collection of items we have collected over the years.  I love looking around my home and feeling the same emotions I felt when I bought a particular item or piece of furniture.  The black hutch pictured in the last photo was one of the first pieces of furniture Christoph and I purchased with our own money. I will never be able to part with it.  It represents so much; how far we have come, the many moves and challenges we have experienced and how we have all grown and been dented a little bit along the way.  It is important to surround yourself with things (and people) that make you feel good.

Salad Recipe






This salad can be quickly made with my favorite Lighthouse thousand island or ranch dressing.  This salad is delicious!


2 heads of lettuce cut up

6-8 strips of turkey cut into cubes (I just use sandwhich meat)

1/2 cup carrot cubed

1/2 cup celery cubed

1/4 cup cheddar cheese shredded

Dressing as desired

*serves 4

Bathroom Talk




I will never forget the day I watched a stranger in a public restroom wash her hands and then grab a paper towel to dry her hands AND THEN use that same paper towel to wipe down the surrounding countertop in the PUBLIC RESTROOM. She probably noticed my stare and my face must have shown my shock because she explained to me that she always wipes down the countertops after washing her hands.  She brightened my day by adding it is her daily service to the community.

I vowed then and there to always do the same.  I do this at home and in public restrooms. It is a simple way to keep your bathrooms clean and fresh.  At home it can be done with the towel used to dry your hands or with a wet wipe kept under the sink.  It’s amazing how quick and easy it is and your home will always be ready for unexpected guests.

*photo credit @the_real_house_of_ig