Happily Ever After



I vividly remember a conversation I once had with my father. We were actively preparing for dinner and I was disappointed in my day. I was expressing my disappointment through explanation of my new found knowledge that life is hard, and will continue to be hard. I naively told my dad that I was under the impression that once I was married I would live happily ever after and my trials would cease. I’m sure he wanted to LAUGH out loud at this comment, but as a parent he probably only felt remorse and sadness for my frustration. He was at a loss for words. We continued to prepare dinner together and I continued to complain about my fears of the future.

I do not understand where this conception began.  I was not raised in a bubble.  My parents never led me to believe that life was easy.  I watched them struggle with several different situations in their own lives.  So, where did this stem from?  Maybe it was a coping mechanism that I created to carry me through my younger years… as long as I can survive today tomorrow will be brighter, I don’t know what I was thinking?  Maybe I was thinking, when I am married, my husband will hold me in his warm, strong arms and all my problems will melt away.  I sound like a Disney movie, right?  I did have a goal to own all the Disney movies ever made when I was little.

A few years after the conversation took place I was married and was prepared for the tests that marriage brought with it. Still today I find myself wondering when the sadness and disappointments will come to an end, but each day I am learning how to find the joy in my trials.

God did not put us on this earth to struggle,

he put us here to be HAPPY.

To find JOY.

Find the happiness in our trials.

Look for the good.

Be the good!

Chocolate Waffle Cookies

The not so healthy cookie unless we are speaking of health of the mind then this will help!

Chocolate Waffle Cookie

4 eggs

1 1/2 cups Sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

9 TBS. cocoa

3 TBS. vegetable oil

1 C butter

2 C flour

1/2 tsp. salt

Heat the waffle iron.  Spray with Pam.  Beat the 4 eggs until frothy.  Add the sugar and vanilla.  In a separate bowl, microwave the cocoa, oil and butter until melted.  Stir well.  Add to other bowl.  Add flour and salt then mix.  Continue to spray waffle iron with Pam as needed.  Best when frosted with homemade chocolate frosting fresh out of the waffle iron.

I’m Thankful For My Struggles


Has something ever knocked you down so hard you are not sure how your going to make it. It changes you. You become unfamiliar to yourself. It can be drowning and all consuming.

Reach down deep inside and:

-Just put one foot in front of the other.  Literaly.  Put one foot in front of the other.  Don’t think about all the pressure and all the things consuming your mind.  Focus on your feet, and focus on walking and breathing and getting yourself to the next location in life.

-Fake it until you make it.  Put a smile on your face and walk out the door and enjoy your day.  Look around at the beautiful world and find joy in the small things.

– Be around other people. The soul needs people. Studies have shown that during depression if the individual withdrawals from friends and family they get worse not better. So even if you don’t want to go to work or go to lunch with your fiend. Go! Fake it until you make it. Put one foot in front of the other out the door.

-Embrace Family and friends. At times like this we want to be alone. Do the opposite. Talk things out. Be around people that you love and support you and want the best for you.

-Exercise or meditate: studies have shown that exercise and meditation release healthy chemicals into your body that rise above the bad chemicals and help you to push on. Exercising and meditation will help your body and mind come together and be at a healthier state of mind.

Is That My Neighbors House




















I can’t believe it’s already December 2nd!  Christmas will be here before we know it.  Enjoy the pictures of this warm and cozy home for the holidays.

Quitting: All At Once


During my younger years I put many things into my body and did many things to my body that were not healthy.  I hit a point in my life where I was miserable.  At the time I didn’t understand what was going on.  I noticed I was cruel to majority of the people in my life.  I would make comments that were hurtful.  I would lay my head on my pillow at night disgusted with myself.

The two biggest turning factors involved my “friends”.  (I put the word in quotes because we like to call each other friend).  The first one was during our senior summer.  We loaded up the car and took a road trip to Las Vegas.  The talks and laughs we shared are in measurable.  I found so much joy with my “friends”.  The last night of the vacation we were sitting around a table at the pool chatting it up like we loved to do.  A beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other I felt my anger grow inside of me.  For the life of me I cannot recall what we were discussing or why my feelings were getting over heated but I remember what came next.  I absolutely, irrevocably lost my cool with everyone as I frequently did while drinking.  Whatever happened that night forced me to ride home without my friends.  In my mind the friendship was over.  I would never see them again,  they would never want to see me again.  Why would somebody need or want someone like me in their life!

What happened next bewilders me still to this day.  A few days later my friends called me and asked me to meet them at our meeting spot, a quiet secluded spot in the mountains.  I sheepishly obliged hesitating with fear of what was going to be said.

My friends pulled a well deserved intervention on me.  In a very kind and loving way they told me I was rude and disrespectful and asked me why I felt the need to treat people that way.  I was dumbfounded.  I knew what I was doing but I didn’t fully comprehend the effects of my actions.

I don’t remember the exact timeline of my next step but I do remember I spent a lot of time crying and thinking things through in my head.  Something needed to change, but what or how I didn’t know but I realized something needed to change.  The first step in any changing process is realization and the desire to change.

I started keeping a journal.

I recorded my emotions and the how, when and why they were taking place.  I noticed a correlation between my “party” habits and the guilt and anger I felt.  I knew substances were bad for your health and altered your emotions and left them uncontrollable so I decided to remove them from my life.

I am very black and white. I am an “all in” type of girl.  If I am going to do something, anything I am going to give it my whole heart and soul and be committed!  So I woke up the next morning and decided to quit all my unhealthy habits.  I had lost focus of my goals and dreams in life and had gotten swept away by the drama of life.

Just like that, a snap of a finger, done, gone, I quit everything!   With the right frame of mind and resources anything can be accomplished.  It was one of the hardest yet easiest things I’ve ever done, if that makes sense.  I’ve never looked back.

Holiday Party Protein Balls


Holiday Party Protein Balls


  • 1 C steel cut oats
  • 2/3 C toasted unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 3/4 C all natural PB
  • 2 TBS honey
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 scoops pure chocolate whey protein

Form into 1 inch balls and chill for 1 hour

Party Season Manners








We spent Thanksgiving with family at their home. They made a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, yams, cranberries, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake and of course pumpkin pie. They spent majority of the day preparing and cooking the least I could do is help clean up, especially if I would like to be invited back. In a world where cell phones and internet abound manners have dwindled. Please do not forget your manners! I mean come on who doesn’t love a clean cut Britain with an accent and manners?

Here are a few tips for good holiday manners:

• When someone invites you to dinner offer to bring an item to share. If they decline accept graciously but offer again the next time they invite you.

• Offer to arrive early to help prepare the meal. But do NOT just show up early. This may throw some people a curve ball.

• Help set the table the way the host would like.

• Insist on how delicious everything is!

• Clear your own plate once you are finished eating.

• Clear your Neighbors plate once they are finished.

• Basically keep clearing the table until it has been wiped and ready for use again.

• Help store any leftovers in appropriate containers.

• Help do the dishes.

• Help wipe appliances down.

• Offer to sweep or vacuum the debris from the eating area.

• Insist that the host remain seated while you clean up.

NEVER criticize the cooking or the cleanliness of the home.

And ALWAYS say Thank You!



This is Bekette helping Colton do his hair for Thanksgiving.  SO cute!

7 Ways to Detox your LIFE



You don’t have to go to a fancy salon or day spa to detoxify your life. In fact, detoxification isn’t a single event, rather a process that takes time and involves every aspect of your life, from your skin to your home to your friends. Here’s how to get started.


You probably know recycling is good for the environment. As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency points out, recycling conserves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces landfill waste and conserves natural resources, which means you’re helping keep the planet green for yourself and future generations.

Detoxify your body

There are harsh preservatives, antibiotics, high-fructose corn syrup, and all sorts of dreadful ingredients in a vast majority of foods. By detoxing your body, you could potentially increase your metabolism, lower your risk for disease, improve your overall health, and feel at your complete best. The M3 body system by Modere, offers natural supplements that easily cleanse your body from the inside out, and will open the door to a cleaner and healthier future.

Purify your friend list

Whether on social media or in life, cut out people who don’t bring you joy. There’s enough drama and difficulty in the world without inviting it in. If you have a large Facebook friends list, start by cutting 10 percent of your friends (such as your acquaintances from high school you haven’t talked to in years).

Use natural household cleaners

How often have you wrinkled your nose at the scent of household cleaners? They’re more than a harsh smell you’re scrubbing into your countertops and floors – many of the sprays and wipes used in daily cleaning are loaded with chemicals like ammonia, bleach and phosphates. Shop for household cleaners with natural ingredients. Look for products free of parabens, dyes, fragrances, chlorine and nonylphenol ethoxylates (commonly called NPE) to benefit your family and the environment.

Make new habits

It may feel impossible to break unhealthy habits, but it’s necessary for detoxification. Whether you eat too much when you’re depressed, visit places or people that bring out the worst in you or consider it exercise to lift the leg rest on your recliner, it’s time to make a change. Bad habits prevent you from living to your potential, so replace them new, healthier habits.

Exercise for 10 more minutes per day

If you don’t work out, adding 10 minutes of exercise to your day will pay you back with dividends of energy, muscle tone and weight loss. A recent study, as reported by Oprah.com, found women “who walked an average of 72 minutes a week at two to three mph – that’s about 10 minutes of mall-pace striding a day – had significantly improved heart strength and general fitness, nearly matching the efforts of women exercising almost twice as long.” Once you’ve added 10 minutes of exercise, it will be easier to increase workout time and improve your physical fitness over time.

Protect your skin

If you’ve been to a big city, you’ve probably seen smog in the air and smelled car exhaust in the streets. However, pollution doesn’t have to be visible or smelly to be harmful. In fact, your own home is likely filled with pollutants. “The air inside your home may be polluted by lead (in house dust), formaldehyde, fire-retardants, radon, even volatile chemicals from fragrances used in conventional cleaners,” according to WebMD. “Some pollutants are tracked into the home. Some arrive via a new mattress or furniture, carpet cleaners, or a coat of paint on the walls.”

Wherever you are, protect your skin from pollutants by using skin products with ingredients like botanical extracts and pre- and probiotics which help detoxify your skin and protect against free radical damage. You wouldn’t go out in the sun without sunscreen, so why would you let your skin go without pollution protection?

Is That My Neighbors House





















The color and the artwork in this home is astonishing.  The sunlight comes through the windows and brightens the blues and reds that play off the pool and the red rock in the backyard.  I love people that utilize color in their home.  It is very easy to fall into neutral colors, they are comfortable and safe.