Journals, Coke Zero and Love!

The kids are back in school and I have been spending my days catching up on all things “mom”. Including a daily Coke Zero with LOTS of ice. Lists are being made and things checked off like an old teacher with a red pen. 
When my first child was born I wanted to give him memories other than photos. I wanted him to know how I felt and the joy he brought to our family. My sister told me how she started a journal when her son was born filled with cute things he said or did that some day he could have. I thought it was a brilliant way for any child to remember their childhood and hear it through the eyes of their parents. I was even more sold on the idea when diagnosed with cancer and faced with the threat of death and my children not remembering their mother. 
It started with a journal for each child and has continued through the ease of electronics. I try to record cute comments or noteworthy accomplishments in the journal or on my notepad on my phone. The phone notepad has become convenient because I can dictate the message when time is limited and print the paper later and glue to the journal. 
I spent Friday printing and glueing notes from 2 years ago! It was fun to print them and read them. I also made sure to write a note from the first day of school and how each child is enjoying the year so far. 
My older kids have asked about the books and what they are. I can’t wait to give them as a present when they are older. I am thinking a wedding present? Or college graduation? Or missionary farewell? I haven’t decided yet and maybe it will be different for each child. They will all find joy and pain in these books, but most of all love and guiding words!  
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