Is That My Neighbors House?









I am really excited to introduce, Is That My Neighbors House?

I have never walked into a friends home and thought, this is hideous!  What were they thinking?  Almost always I walk in and think, this is gorgeous.  They are so talented.  Their home represents their personality and the joys of their own family!  I follow so many beautiful instagram feeds of talented designer and it seems like they are all starting to look the same.

Every Friday I will be posting pictures of my family, friends and neighbors homes.  Most of which they decorated themselves.

I will showcase a room or two in the home.  This is going to be fun! I am so excited

to share the beauty and diversity that surrounds all of us.  Please email me if you are interested in your home being featured

It seems fitting to start with my home.  We are currently renting so my home is not a true representation of my taste, but I love my home and my neighborhood so I have made the best out of our circumstances.  My home is a collection of items we have collected over the years.  I love looking around my home and feeling the same emotions I felt when I bought a particular item or piece of furniture.  The black hutch pictured in the last photo was one of the first pieces of furniture Christoph and I purchased with our own money. I will never be able to part with it.  It represents so much; how far we have come, the many moves and challenges we have experienced and how we have all grown and been dented a little bit along the way.  It is important to surround yourself with things (and people) that make you feel good.

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