Ideas for Eating Out Healthy



Order water with every meal. Get dressings on the side, and always try to get the lowest fat dressing and use only 1 tbsp. No carbs, breads, chips, croutons.

** Baked Chicken sandwich, throw out bun, get a green side salad with it.
**I cannot find any other fish or chicken that is not fried. The salads are great but they have too many carbs.

In & out
**Get a double double “Protein style” or get 2 hamburgers “Protein style”

**Any of the salads, Dressing on the side

**Roast Turkey Farmhouse salad (add extra protein)
** Chopped salad, you will need some protein with it, you could order Angus steak sandwich and throw out the bun and put that meat on top.

Taco Bell
** Ground beef taco, buy two, throw out the shell and keep everything else. Eat it like a salad.

Habit Burger
**It looks like you can have any of the burgers or sandwiches just NO bread, and NO fried.
** Salads all look great too! You may need to add extra protein to some salads. Order Extra protein.

Noodle & Company
**Chineese Chicken Chop salad
**The med Salad Chicken

Red Robin
**Grilled Turkey, throw out the bun, add some extra greens
**The Garden Burger, throw out the bun, add some extra greens
** Chicken Fajita, no tortilla

**Voodo Salad
**Jamaican salad
**Salmon & Maui mango dressing should be okay
**Chicken or Bugeres (no buns and EASY on the sauces…these guys love to put their fatty sauces on everything)

**Salad with fajita veggies with steak and grilled chicken (double meat) and l use about 5 drops of their vinaigrette

Cafe Rio .. ( costa Vida is very similar, try to order just like you would at cafe rio)
**Salmon salad. No tortilla, no chips. Extra Pico extra cilantro a small cup of their creamy dressing.
** Chicken salad, no tortilla, no chips add pico, add guac

Out back
** 6 oz Steak, steamed veggies, salad
** Salmon, steamed veggies, salad

Ruby River
**Filet, broccoli and salad

**Napa chicken and portobellos ordered with no potatoes and extra broccoli plus a side salad with vinaigrette on the side.

Pizza factory
**Zucchini and squash noodles, chicken and marinara sauce.

**chopped salad
**Side of Tuna, ask for Veggies

El Pollo Loco
**A combo with chicken breast, side salad and broccoli

Chick fil
**Salad with grilled chicken
**2 Side Salads with baked chicken nuggets

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