Happily Ever After



I vividly remember a conversation I once had with my father. We were actively preparing for dinner and I was disappointed in my day. I was expressing my disappointment through explanation of my new found knowledge that life is hard, and will continue to be hard. I naively told my dad that I was under the impression that once I was married I would live happily ever after and my trials would cease. I’m sure he wanted to LAUGH out loud at this comment, but as a parent he probably only felt remorse and sadness for my frustration. He was at a loss for words. We continued to prepare dinner together and I continued to complain about my fears of the future.

I do not understand where this conception began.  I was not raised in a bubble.  My parents never led me to believe that life was easy.  I watched them struggle with several different situations in their own lives.  So, where did this stem from?  Maybe it was a coping mechanism that I created to carry me through my younger years… as long as I can survive today tomorrow will be brighter, I don’t know what I was thinking?  Maybe I was thinking, when I am married, my husband will hold me in his warm, strong arms and all my problems will melt away.  I sound like a Disney movie, right?  I did have a goal to own all the Disney movies ever made when I was little.

A few years after the conversation took place I was married and was prepared for the tests that marriage brought with it. Still today I find myself wondering when the sadness and disappointments will come to an end, but each day I am learning how to find the joy in my trials.

God did not put us on this earth to struggle,

he put us here to be HAPPY.

To find JOY.

Find the happiness in our trials.

Look for the good.

Be the good!

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