Halloween Party Easy Set Up


I LOVE a good party, but I hate the clean up.  I would throw a party every week if someone else would clean up.  Here are a few tips for making your party clean up easier:

  • Makes things simple:  While everyone loves a beautiful party with lots of decorations most guests come to the party for good company.  So, don’t go overboard on decorations and spend loads of time and money.  A few simple beautiful items will be enough.
  • Paper Goods can be beautiful:  It is amazing what paper plates and paper silverware look like nowadays.  You can find beautiful paper plates anywhere!  This makes the clean up simple as pie!
  • Accept help when offered:   Most people will offer help at the end of the party to clean up or you might be lucky enough to have someone offer to bring a food to share.  Don’t be embarrassed to accept.  The more hands involved the quicker the process.
  • Prepare the food in advance:  When making your food selections for the party choose items that can easily be made in advance.  Store them in the fridge until an hour before the party and then warm them if necessary.
  • Get yourself ready at the beginning of the day of the party:  This last one might only be my problem!  But I always choose to run around the day of the party accomplishing everything I need to and the day is gone before I realize it and I haven’t showered or gotten dressed and my guests are about to arrive.


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