Easy Furniture Update



I LOVE the idea that furniture has a story.  I want to be able to look around my home and see memories and history.  I never want to get rid of the first dresser Christoph and I shared as newlyweds.  I want to always have the little white kids table I received as a gift with only 3 red chairs because I thought I was done having more children.  I think these memories make a HOUSE A HOME.  When my mom asked if I wanted an old dresser of hers from when my parents were still married I jumped at the opportunity.  The only problem was it wasn’t my style, but it was nothing a little bit of paint couldn’t fix.

Don’t be afraid of paint!img_8671


I left the dresser on our lawn and after removing the drawers started spray painting.  This paint is so simple to use it’s not funny.  It covers perfectly and leaves a nice rustic finish.  It only took one coat of paint and the dresser was dry and ready to move inside within an hour.  I painted this dresser over a year ago and the paint has held up to my children and my nightly snacks and drinks.




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