Be Creative With Storage





If you live in Las Vegas like I do you’ll easily be able to relate to this. Homes in Las Vegas have limited storage. Some people have been forced to choose between a garage space for their car or a place to store important items. Being creative on how to store important items is helpful when you do not have a basement to store everything your heart desires.

My home has a nice ledge in my stairway. It is a great place to set out beautiful items for decoration. I found these cute storage boxes at The Container Store that offered a solution for storag and decoration.

I bought 4, 1 for each of my children. Inside the storage containers I save my kids important school work. The boxes have dividers for each grade. Each day when my kids arrive home from school I sort the important papers into one pile, place the ones I need to remember on our bullletin board and throw the others away. The important ones are immediately placed in the appropriate file location on my stairs so they don’t get lost or create clutter.

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