Bathroom Talk




I will never forget the day I watched a stranger in a public restroom wash her hands and then grab a paper towel to dry her hands AND THEN use that same paper towel to wipe down the surrounding countertop in the PUBLIC RESTROOM. She probably noticed my stare and my face must have shown my shock because she explained to me that she always wipes down the countertops after washing her hands.  She brightened my day by adding it is her daily service to the community.

I vowed then and there to always do the same.  I do this at home and in public restrooms. It is a simple way to keep your bathrooms clean and fresh.  At home it can be done with the towel used to dry your hands or with a wet wipe kept under the sink.  It’s amazing how quick and easy it is and your home will always be ready for unexpected guests.

*photo credit @the_real_house_of_ig

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